Shown in the colour COD on the wood type WORMY MAPLE & priced as a QUEEN.


Standard Width: 64.5"

Standard Headboard Height: 52"

Standard Footboard Height: 32"

Standard Low Footboard Height: 22"

Standard Depth: 88"

Baxter Bed

Footboard Height
  • Natural Variance

    All of our products are made of solid wood and built to order.  There will be variances in colours on every piece as each piece of wood is slightly different from the next and takes the stain differently.


    On rough or rustic furniture the texture will vary from one piece of wood to the next.  We have no control over this as each piece is hand made and built to order from solid wood.


    We encourage you to come in to the store or call us for more information before placing any orders.

  • Return / Refund Policy

    We know that good furniture is an investment.  As such, we allow a 7 day refund period on all orders made.  Once the 7 days has passed there are no refunds available as the product will be ordered on the 7th day.


    We do not offer returns on anything on the site as each piece is built to order for you, the customer.


    We do inspect each item thoroughly before it is shipped out to insure that it is built properly, finished in the correct colour, and free of any major flaws.

  • Custom Sizing & Colours

    Since each piece is hand made and built to order, WE CAN offer custom sizing and colours.  However, we will not do this without speaking to you or meeting with you to insure that the order is correct.


    In the case of custom orders we will complete the order over the phone or in person rather than online.

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