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Family owned and operated since it's establishment in 1986, we believe in providing the best quality products and service to our customers.

We only sell Canadian made solid wood furniture, hand crafted by hard working Canadians, that become heirlooms and get passed down generation to generation. 

We believe that good furniture is part of a healthy, comfortable lifestyle and contributes to a better overall quality of life.

Built to order - most of our pieces can be customized to your specifications (in person or by phone only) to fit your living space.

In the age of throw away furniture we maintain the position of having furniture built the way it used to be.  In doing so we have always been able to stand behind, and sometimes on top of - by request, our furniture.


Tel: 905-831-9846  |  Email:

1020 Brock Road South, Pickering, ON, L1W3H2 Units #2&3


Monday:  CLOSED

Tuesday:  11am - 4pm

Wednesday:  11am - 4pm

Thursday:  11am - 4pm

Friday:  11am - 4pm

Saturday:  11am - 4pm

Sunday:  11am - 4pm


Closed for all holidays.

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Thank you for your inquiry.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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